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Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Bosco Verticale Milano Italy

Architectural Design: BOERISTUDIO (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovanni La Varra) Slowly the city of Milan is preparing for the 2015 world expo. In different places in the city arising new … Continue reading

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David Keochkerian: Sparks

Photographer David Keochkerian (via Flickr) uses long exposure times and an angle grinder to generate sparks on a metal surface. the results are quite spectacular.

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Friday Fever Linkdump

It is Friday again. This means we have a Linkdump at St1le full of awesomeness, uselessness, and complete randomness.  The Friday Fever Linkdump is full of old news and sometimes a little … Continue reading

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photographer of the day: Craig Easton (11 photo’s)

photographer of the day 30/03/12: Craig Easton Amazing landscapes.

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Titanic Belfast

Concept architects : Eric Kuhne and Mark Evans of Civic Arts / Eric R. Kuhne & Associates Excecutive architecture: by Todd Architects. Concept interior design : Anne Lucas of Civic Arts, Interior design : Kay … Continue reading

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photographer of the day Peter Dean Rickards (11 photo’s)

Photograher of the day 29 march 2012 Peter Dean Rickards, founder and Editor of First Magazine and creator of The Afflicted Yard. He’s also a great photographer.  He’s based in Kingston, … Continue reading

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5 innovating product designs

1. Lamp/Lamp Designed by Hironao Tsuboi It makes you wonder… 2. The Samurai Umbrella  Designed by Materious. Manufactured by Kikkerland. Walking the streets like a true Ninja   3. Treasure … Continue reading

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Christian Stoll Futuristic locations

The Future as photographer Christian Stoll sees it.

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Photographer of the day: David Fokos (15 photo’s)

Photographer David Fokos uses the camera to the max. Long exposures and minimalist composition resulting in stunning work!

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7 awesome rooftop gardens

7 Awesome rooftop gardens. Perhaps Jack Lukeman sings it best when he starts to sing his rooftop lullaby; Mother, is there something in the sky? Something up there that they … Continue reading

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Rachel Alexander Leo Krumbacher

“Hotel, Motel” Model: Rachel Alexander Photograper: Leo Krumbacher A retro themed photoshoot in the California desert  for a recent edition of Grazia Germany.

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Photographer of the day: Dariusz Klimczak (11 photo’s)

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Serpents by Guido Mocafico

“Well I’m a west coast struttin’ One bad mother Got a rattlesnake suitcase Under my arm Said I’m a mean machine Been drinkin’ gasoline And honey you can make my … Continue reading

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