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Serpents by Guido Mocafico

Leiopython Albertisi_ by Guido Mocafico

“Well I’m a west coast struttin’
One bad mother
Got a rattlesnake suitcase
Under my arm
Said I’m a mean machine
Been drinkin’ gasoline
And honey you can make my motor hum”

“Nightrain” Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction (1987).

Guido Mocafico’s Serpents

The models of photographer Guido Mocafico are cold blooded, poisonous and hissing to the camera. Not your average photo shoot we would say. But the results are very eye pleasing as well. The Italian photographer started years ago with his project ‘Serpents’ and now years later it turned into a full scale project.

Lampropeltis pyromelana. © Guido Mocafico.

Dendroaspis jamesoni jamesonii. © Guido Mocafico.

Atheris squamigera. © Guido Mocafico.

Boa constrictor imperator.  © Guido Mocafico.

Naja pallida.  © Guido Mocafico.

Python regius.  © Guido Mocafico.

Rhynchophis boulengeri.  © Guido Mocafico.

Lampropeltis getula nigrita.  © Guido Mocafico.

Dendroaspis viridis.  © Guido Mocafico.

Vipera wagneri.  © Guido Mocafico.

Dendroaspis viridis.  © Guido Mocafico.

and now some completely useless snake facts:

  • Snakes have no eyelids.
  • Snakes can swallow big prey, three times bigger than their own mouth.
  • Snakes, like all reptiles are incapable of learning.
  • Snakes are completely deaf.
  • There are over 2900 species.
  • Not even 10% of these are venomous.

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