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Dark Shadows by Tim Burton

Tim Burtons take on Vampires.

Vampires, Vampires, Vampires. You can not turn on the TV or search the net to find out what this new movie is about, only to realize it’s about vampires. A vampire in the movie makes the box-office go through the roof so Warner Bros decided to buy the film-rights of an old 60ties ABC network television show  called Dark Shadows that had a vampire in it and called upon the always dark and quirky Tim Burton and his gang of production designers (Richard Heinrichs), costume designers (Colleen Atwood), composers (Danny Elfman) and actors Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter to make it into a movie.

While the past couple of years the Tim Burton movies went a bit on the downwards slope towards mediocrity one thing is for sure: The artwork is always up there with the best.  As for Dark Shadows (2012) I guess we just wait and see. below here you can find some promotional artwork we combined.

Dark Shadows Johnny Depp


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