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7 awesome nightclubs around the world

Let’s go clubbing tonight.

Below you can find some great nightclubs around the world. Mostly defined by an outstanding interior design but in some case it just the location that makes it an unique experience. Enjoy!

The Z Bar in Banilad, Cebu, Philippines.

Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue this  ‘Kris-Kros’ bamboo and steel concept creates a very interesting effect.

Z bar Banilad, Cebu, Philippines

Z BAR Banilad, Cebu, Philippines

Z BAR Banilad, Cebu, Philippines

SOUND  night club, Phuket, Thailand.

Designed by Orbit Design Studio  you can fancy yourself into a Stanley Kubrick like surrounding zipping your daiquiri waiting for the newest club version of Ludwig Van’s 9th.  In any case the SOUND environment with its intense audio and visual effects offers a surreal sci-fi experience.

SOUND Phuket night club1

SOUND Phuket night club

SOUND Phuket night club

La Mina Club, Zacatecas, Mexico.

We can also descent 320 meters below the surface to La Mina Club in Zacatecas in Mexico situated in an old mine and have your martini ‘on the rocks’. Don’t ask us about the fire escape thought!

La mina club

The Spare room, Los Angeles, USA.

For a more old fashioned night out there is always the Spare Room in Hollywood.  Where you can enjoy your Cuban cigar and your 40 year old singe malt while playing a game of chess, backgammon or hit some pins on the bowling lane. Designed by Studio Collective it’s all back to the twenties again.




The Chameleon club, Dubai, UAE

For crazy, wild and over the top there is the Chameleon club in Dubai where a 6.5 metre by 5.5 metre colour changing chameleon dances along your side. Designed by Italo Rota the Chameleon club will give you all you would expect when going to Dubai, a crazy rollercoaster ride of insanity.


chameleon club

chameleon club

The Cross Club, Prague, Czech Republic.

When visiting the amazing city Prague in the Czech Republic don’t forget to dive in the Cross club for a pilsner or two. The decoration is pretty nuts. All kinds of metal/robotic/electronic devices objects are hung on the ceiling and the walls, there are a lot of tables in some super strange locations (niches in walls, etc.), and in general, this place is so unusual that it’s insane.

cross club

cross club

L’arc, Paris, France.

We stay in Europe for the 7th and last club of this first series of awesome clubs around the world and we go the the city of love; Paris, France. The club L’arc Paris is the place to be when you wanna see or be seen. The place is completely redesigned by Prospect Design. The champagne can not be cheap here but well, c’est la vie!

larc Paris

larc Paris

larc Paris


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