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Silent world by Lucie & Simon

Photographers  Lucie & Simon filtered most  the moving elements out of these beautiful series of images. Places normally overcrowded and busy like Times Square and Grand Central Station now seem like a peaceful oasis. The result leaves you with an unnerving and strange feeling that this is what it can look like when 99,9% of the human race should suddenly disappear. as quiet as on the most quiet place on earth it is not. actually the photo’s are mostly not completely clear of persons, but that’s what it makes them extra creepy.

©Lucie&Simon Cour carrée du Louvre

Cour carrée du Louvre


lucie simon silent world Madison square

Madison Square


silentworld Place de l'Opera

Place de l'Opera


Lucie&Simon silent world Columbus circle

Columbus Circle


Lucie&Simon silent world Fugximen



Lucie&Simon silent world Tian'anmen square

Tiananmen Square


silentworld place montparnasse

Place Montparnasse


Lucie&Simon silent world Beijing ring roads

Beijing ring roads


Lucie&Simon silent world times square

Times Square


Lucie&Simon silent world sixth avenue

Sixth Avenue


Lucie&Simon silent world place de la concorde

Place de la Concorde


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