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Some minimalist [+1] designs

For designers going minimalist can go two ways. However minimalist is more then simply the lack of furniture, most of the minimalist experience does come from the structure and the space itself. So when it comes to choosing furniture you have to ask yourself if you want to enhance the minimalist feeling and risking people experience it as being a  ‘heartless and cold’ habitat or go minimalist+1 and add a little life to the design. If the furniture below belong in the first or the second category we’ll let you be the judge of that.

1. Dual Cut

Dual Cut Foam Block by Kitmen Keung  is a multifunctional design.It  can be a block you place in the corner with a vase of flowers and a couple of books. It can also be a seat with a small side table to read the newspaper and have a tea/coffee break and for the free hours it easily becomes a super relax sofa.

Dual Cut

Dual Cut

2. Nook table

The Nook sidetable designed by Germany-based Lukas Franciszkiewicz is a very smart designed small table that can be put on every corner of a wall. We all have these corners in our house where you sometimes wonder; ‘ a small table -just to put the keys- could be nice but there is not so much space. And fixing something on the wall is risky, ’cause what if I get bored of it after a week? ‘



3. Cut Line

It looks like desigener Alessandro Busana created these blocks and in a furious rage  grabbed the chainsaw and sliced it in pieces leaving us with his awesome looking Cut Line.




4. Mound of Rounds

The Mound of Rounds by Cumulus Project adds color to the room. This cute and contemporary furniture set, inspired by a classic stacking children’s toy is a mountain of colorful cushions that can be disassembled to provide an artsy seating around a living space.

mount fo round

mount of round

mount of round



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