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Cool caricature illustrations by Vladymyr Lukash

After a long weekend with some free days (if you were that lucky) lets start normal live again with something light.  Vladymyr Lukash, an illustrator living in Kiev, Ukraine loves to watch TV shows. House, 24, lie to me, nobody escapes from his witty pencil as he creates these cool caricature illustrations.

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer

Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson

Kal Penn as Dr. Lawrence Kutner

Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House

Olivia Wilde as Dr. Remy Hadley

Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman

Peter Jacobson as Dr. Chris Taub

Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase

Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman

Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman


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