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7 Awesome Hardboiled Film Noir Detectives

After our first 7 awesome list of film noir stills here a new list of 7 Awesome Hardboiled Film Noir Detectives as we still love classic Hollywood film noir.

1. Sam Spade

Humphrey Bogart as Sam spade in the Maltese Falcon is the prototype noir private detective. He wants to be the hard and shifty fellow in a wretched, awful and corrupt world, able to take care of himself in any situation, able to get the best of anybody he comes in contact with, whether criminal, innocent by-stander or client.

2. Det. Lt. Mark McPherson

Detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews) is investigating the death of Laura Hunt in the film noir Laura, but as he gets closer to solving the case, he becomes more and more obsessed with the dead woman, eventually sleeping underneath her portrait.

3. Det. Lt. Dan Muldoon

Barry Fitzgerald as Lt. Dan Muldoon in Naked City finds himself in a huge web of lies and deceit  around the murdercase of an ex-model who was drowned in a bathtub. DanMuldoon proves to be a touch to beat detective when he sets out his  trap to catch the killer.

4. Dave Bannion

Glenn Ford as a tough cop Dave Bannion in the film noir  The Big Heat who takes on a politically powerful crime syndicate. Bannion is tipped off after a colleague’s suicide and his fellow officers’ suspicious silence lead him to believe that they are on the gangsters’ payroll. When a bomb meant for him kills his wife instead, Bannion becomes a furious force of vengeance and justice, aided along the way by the gangster’s spurned girlfriend Debbie.

5. Jeff Bailey

Private eye Jeff Bailey,played by Robert Mitchum, tries to escape his past to run a gas station in a small town, but his past catches up with him in Out of the Past. Now he must return to the big city world of danger, corruption, double crosses and duplicitous dames.

6. Philip Marlowe

Philip Marlowe is a hard-drinking, tough-talking private detective created by Raymond Chandler. In the Big Sleep Marlowe is played by Humphrey Bogart where he is summoned by the dying General Sternwood, Philip Marlowe is asked to deal with several problems that are troubling his family. the case becomes more complex every second,  murder, blackmail, and what might be be mistaken for love are what follows.

7. Mike Hammer

Ralph Meeker plays Tough L.A. private eye Mike Hammer in  Kiss me Deadly. Hammer is not trying to be the nice guy, in fact he’s as tough and crooked as the bad guys he chases but that’s what happens when you pull a private eye of a cliff and leave him for dead.


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